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January 09, 2009


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Rick Shea

Thanks. You've picked some great songs. If he does full songs, I guess he'd max out at three, but if he does more of a medley, then who knows, maybe he'd slip in part of 5 or 6 songs. Either way, it should be fun to watch.


Well, you found my blog somehow, so you know what my picks are.



Welcome to Tampa!

Rick Shea

Thanks, Mike! I'm pretty sure all the marketing research textbooks say you should use humour as a way to ensure you collect valid data,... or was that to keep people from nodding off... hmmmm... I might have slept through that class.

It may well be a tough crowd, other than the true fans that they're recruiting to fill the pit down in front of the stage.

Michael Katz

Hilarious survey. You've done it again. You've missed your calling, again. Springsteen expert AND funny survey writer.

And frankly, I agree. Unlike a concert, lots of people couldn't care less about the particular performer, so a tough crowd. And sort of a weird venue in general for a mini-concert. But if anyone can pull it off (other than Rick Shea), it's the Boss.

Rick Shea

Hey Gabby. I suspect you'll be pretty close, if not bang on, with those choices. I think he's going to promote the new album and Working on a Dream will be a good choice given the Obama connection. I'd love to hear a full blown Kitty's Back, with the horn section, but it ain't gonna happen!


I'm figuring it will be Working on a Dream and two rather routine all-timers, like Born to Run and Thunder Road. Not enough time for an extended Badlands, etc. Figure any costume failure will have to be Steven's. Clarence will stand, but Nils won't flip...he may do one of those cool spins, however. No way we're gonna hear Kitty's Back....

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