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January 16, 2009


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Friday Bruce Fix

I think those old guys are still having too much fun and making too much money to retire. I agree with your point about the alternative... but maybe that's just the perspective of yet another old guy (me).

flirting tips

Its surprising to me that a lot of these older guys aren't retired yet. And that they're still selling tons and growing their fan base is...crazy. Then again, when the alternative is certain unnamed 16 year kids, I guess its understandable.

Rick Shea

By the way, there's an article in today's Wall Street Journal that gives a perspective on the ongoing marketing campaign. Read it here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123204420598786423.html

Thanks to Stan Goldstein of Bruce Blog for noticing. His blog is here:

Rick Shea

hmmm.... how about Obamastock? Or, Rock-O-Bama?

Rick Shea

I haven't heard much of the new album yet although I do really like Working on a Dream. I don't know if this is the case with the unhappy fans you've referenced, but I think sometimes people have a hard time of accepting that Bruce's (or any artist's) craft needs to evolve over time, and so won't continue to sound like whatever your favorite album from the '70s happens to be. If we listen with open ears, I'm sure we'll continue to hear great songs. Based on your comments, I'm looking forward to hearing Outlaw Pete.

Michael Katz

I don't believe there's too much Springsteen out there these days, although I confess that my Springsteen underwear is a tad itchy.

And I personally prefer "Obama-thon" to "Obamapalozza," the latter sounding too much like an event that Popeye would host.


Heck, yeah the new album is good. People who also got an early listen are moaning and griping all over the fan boards. I care not. It's an amazingly inventive piece of work and while heavy in production values (wall of sound, lots of strings, etc.) the songs are rock solid. And we all know he'll kick it onstage. My current fave is Outlaw Pete, with a refrain of "can you hear me?" that echoes through my brain every waking moment these days. And there's a beautiful farewell to Danny on it, where an echo of Land of Hope and Dreams laments that the train will go on without him. I wish I could hit the inaugural.

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