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January 02, 2009


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Rick Shea

That is a classic. I had some pretty ridiculous hair back then, too. I've cleverly gone bald in order to avoid further hair mistakes.

Michael Katz

Love that Bruce shot at 1:57. Glad to know I wasn't the only one with ridiculous hair in the early 70s.

Rick Shea

Thanks Gabby.

Yes, I'd happily hack away at the keys that way, if I only could! I've always loved the piano pieces, too. I wish he would compose more often on piano, the way he did for most of the Born to Run album. That one worked out pretty well as I recall!



Thanks for these, and for your kind remarks on my blog. There is something universal in Bruce's melodies and lyrics that reach us at the cellular level. You can feel it in the pit at any of his shows. I miss the piano pieces at his concerts. It gave us a chance to see what the songs were like when he wrote them. If he's a hack at the keyboards, I wish I had such crappy skills myself. =0)

See you further on up the road!

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