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August 28, 2009


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Thanks Lisa. It must be fun for you to look at those old photos and other items. In those days, there weren't so many cameras around like today, so any photos you've got of that band are real collectors' items. That house you mentioned where The Castiles used to jam, was that Tex Vineyard's place?

Lisa Manniello

I was very young when Bruce came to my grandmas. They called my dad skibots and over the years I was called baby bots. The house in Freehold that the castiles used to jam in still stands and Ive found a lot of pictures and memrobilia that speak a thousand words.


Hi Lisa.

Thanks for your comment. Great to hear from a descendent of The Castiles! Is there anything else you can tell us about those early days? Any interesting stories from your father?


Lisa Manniello

I have a chicken fest poster. They came in different Colorado. Mine is yellow. It came from my fathers house wich was Vincent Manniello. He was the drummer of the castiles.

Friday Bruce Fix

Hi Walter. I have to apologize for not commenting previously. Somehow I missed the notification email when you posted your comment. It must have been a busy email day.

So great of you to comment and share your story. You were so lucky to have been involved with Bruce back in those early days, but also astute enough to have recognized in Bruce what the rest of the world would eventually find out. I can imagine you would have some great stories and memories to share. If you ever wanted to turn a story or two into a guest spot here on Your Friday Bruce Fix, I think that woould be fun.

Thanks so much for commenting and also for enlightening us on the source of the name of the Ernie the Chicken Festival! I hope you'll see this comment. Cheers.

Walter Planer

Happened to be surfing the web and came across this page.

I was one of the people who put together and promoted the Ernie the Chicken Festival at what was then Newark State College.

I even have one of the few remaining posters which were the creation of one of my dorm mates who was an artist who had a comic strip called Ernie the Chicken thus the name of the concert.

I have a lot of stories about the events leading up to the concert and a lot of memories of Bruce and Tinker in the early days.

For example, about a week or two before the show, Tinker and I drove into Manhatten one afternoon and went to Rolling Stone Magazine and Channel 13 the local PBS station, trying to get them to cover the concert and promote Bruce who at the time was unknown except on the Jersey Shore and maybe Richmond Va.

Basically we got blown off by everyone we talked to and got no publicity. I would have liked to go back about 4 years later as Born to Run was breaking and said I told you so to all of them.

Anyway reading your page brought back a lot of memories, those were the days.

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