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August 14, 2009


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Friday Bruce Fix

Thank you, Howard. I remember being bowled over by the Bobby Jean solo the first time I heard it, and have loved it every time since. I don't expect to stop loving it any time soon.


On a night when it seems you can hear the whole damn city crying we play music because words are not enough or too much. And if you can tear yourself away from the sublime solo in Jungleland for a moment, give a listen to the end of Bobby Jean. Thank you Big Man.

Friday Bruce Fix

I just arrived home to hear the news of Clarence's passing. His music will live on in all of us.


Saddest of news today. My heart goes out to Clarence's family, friends, The E Street Band and all those who were touched by The Big Man's music and life. Tonight I will be hearing your music in my heart and forever it will be with me in my ears, my life and my soul.

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