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September 11, 2009


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Thanks Natalie. One of the amazing things about this song is how its meaning can shift over time and according to the context. I think that Bruce's emotional vocal performances are a big part of enabling that to happen. Such a great song.

Natalie Johnston

I love "My City of Ruins," simply because it may just be the most beautiful song I've ever heard. The meaning is so universal when it comes to hard times and needing strength to pull ourselves through: first in Asbury Park, then in the aftermath of 9/11, then for the Katrina victims, and now for the Sandy victims and in memory of Danny Federici and Clarence Clemons. In 2012, I saw Bruce twice, on April 26th and December 4th. This song brought me to tears both times. Towards the end of 2012, Bruce began using "My City of Ruins" to honor his two bandmates, his two brothers, that have gone before us, and he said clearly that as long as we keep them close to your hearts they'll never really die. Their ghosts will always be with us, and they are. I don't know what I'll need this song for next, and hopefully it won't be for a while, but I know that its power will never fade. Thanks, Bruce, for such a moving song.


I remember, sitting numbly on the couch in Boston, watching the telethon. I needed Bruce and he was there for us. When I saw his expression, heard his emotion, felt the beauty in the song delivered, that's when I was able to cry and feel a sense of release to begin mourning the loss and the tragedy. He is always there for me, in a very personal way, as I'm sure he is for many fans at many times for many reasons.

Rick Shea

Thanks, Ann. I'm pretty sure I've seen a clip of the performance you mentioned. That must have been a pretty emotional experience that you won't soon forget. Amazing how the same song can mean so much in three different settings, Asbury Park, NYC and New Orleans.

Rick Shea

I have to agree, Mari. I think his performances in both clips are amazing. He seems to feel every word, every emotion. I think this is especially true with ‘My City of Ruins’. Thanks for your comment.


When Bruce played the first Jazzfest after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, this was one of his encore songs. I still remember how it felt to be one of the thousands of people standing in that audience, hands in the air, singing along "Come on rise up!" and crying.

We needed him then, too. Great video choices. Now I need to stop crying and get back to work.


I can not believe that it have been 8 years since that tragic day. It takes my breath away, too see the way he sings, the soreness in he`s voice and the pain in he`s eyes. Absolutely an amazing performance....

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