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November 27, 2009


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My brother loves Bruce so much. Love is not the right term but addicted. He can't function properly without listening to his songs. There was one time when my mother scolded him to the point of smacking his face because he didn't attend school to go to his concert. Such a wonderful family memory we got then.

Joshua Mooney

Damn. This footage of "57th St." from Widener blows my mind. I thank ye for it. For years, I've been listening to the Main Point show, especially the opening number, and imagining what it looked like with Roy, Suki and Bruce alone on stage. Now, with this Widener footage, I have some idea. Different venue, of course, but still... Anyway, appreciated your insightful comments about opening these shows the way he did (or other shows, with stripped-down "Thunder Road", etc.). To me, for decades now, this is exactly the approach that has always made him unique --and in being so, he helped redefine what a rock concert could be. So okay, pal: You're a Bruce scholar, and I am merely a fan (albeit one who saw him for the first time in '78 --Pittsburgh's Stanley Theater). I'm so happy I found your site and your wise words. Looking forward to learning a lot more from you.

You rock, sir,



His voice in the Widener version is absolutely beautiful. I'll be back on Friday. Thanks.


Few performers can pull this off. To take the stage and strip a song to its minimum and grab everyone's attention takes courage.

Great site. You have a new reader.:)

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