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October 08, 2010


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Friday Bruce Fix

Thanks for your comments. Lucky you to have been at that show! I think that one of the reason Bruce has so many fans is that we can see ourselves in so many of his songs, or can just identify with some emotional aspect of those songs. I always love his solo piano performances and wish he'd do more!

tom ruddock

in a certain sense it's fair to say that this show changed my life. i was a DJ in Amsterdam and was there that night and turned to my gf Anja and whispered: i'm moving to the States - a year later i was living in California and the next time i saw Bruce was during his Darkness tour where his last encore was a solo of The Promise.
an interesting addendum - during the Darkness show his on-stage banter included a story about him and his friend's attempts to avoid the draft (and Vietnam) - the very reason i had ended up living in Amsterdam to begin with.

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