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January 07, 2011


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Friday Bruce Fix

Hi Marile.

Thanks for saying hello and providing the link to your blog. I like your writing and how you provide lots of great links to share interesting Bruce content with the rest of us. Thanks!


Have just discovered this blog vir fb. I am a new non-American fan. Will certainly visit from now on.
Do check out my Springsteen blog at www.marilebetterdays.wordpress.com

Friday Bruce Fix

Hi Frank, and thanks for commenting. That version on Tracks is the one I've been familiar with for a lot of years via a bootleg. This one is a version I just discovered the other day and thought others would enjoy it, too. Cheers!


Frank October

i always quite like Bishop Danced from Tracks but this version gives it a whole new wonderful feeling. and I agree, the band intro at the end is priceless!!

thanks again for finding and sharing more treasure.


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