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June 17, 2011


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Friday Bruce Fix

Thanks for your thoughts, Dave. Glad you found the blog, too. It really is hard to put into words what we feel, and what Clarence meant to us, to Bruce and the the band. I'm grateful for all those great experiences, witnessing what rock and roll can be, but so rarely achieves, except for night after night with the E Street Band.


Not sure how I stumbled onto this site - but very glad to have found it.

It's really hard to express to "non-Bruce" people what it means to lose Clarence.

I think that for some of us, Clarence is a point of entry for to the band. It makes us feel good that Bruce is humble enough to realize that he can’t do it all alone, that he needs help. And that maybe if we could play sax, we could be that help. Maybe that’s a silly way of looking of it, I don’t know. It just seems to me that with the Big Man, Bruce seems a little more distant. I don’t mean that in a star-worship sort of way. I mean that I think the Big Man was just one of the expressions of the whole Bruce experience. Big Man was a way of us participating in whatever the Bruce experience means to us individuals.

Again, maybe some will agree – that as hardcore fans – Bruce isn’t just a musician (and again I am not placing on the level of deity) – but that our relationship to his music is more of a non-rational experience. It defies articulation, it is the otherness of music and faith that exist out there in the darkness on the edge of town, or that walk in the sun.

Friday Bruce Fix

Thanks also to Roger and David for your comments. We're all feeling this loss.

Friday Bruce Fix

Thanks, Kathleen, for your heart felt comment. Losing Danny was tough, but this is worse. Clarence was such an important, even essential part of Bruce's music, and especially seeing him live. It's hard to imagine an E Street Band without Clarence.

Kathleen Jeffcoat

Seen Springsteen and the E Street Band more times then I can remember. Started in Houston, in the 1970's. Will truly miss Clarence, sad when D.F. died. A sad, really sad moment, and totally appreciative of what a great musican he was. But, losing the "Big Man", whoa, my heart is really breaking. He's kinda like a limb of the Boss, a stable, needed ingredient, in our moment of bliss, when we go to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Mr. Big Man, sure you are making wonderful music in the Heavens, we down here, we are missing you. God Bless you for the years of pleasure you have given us. A gift very appreciated.


The Big Man got me through a lot in this life. The joys and the sorrows. The sounds of his sax were always there to help me through...


Big Man, the Boss and we need listen your saxo. I hope we'll see you pomptly in Barcelona!!!


Friday Bruce Fix

Well said, Lora.

Lora Duffey

this has been a hard week indeed if you are a Bruce springsteen fan ... You have to be a fan of the whole E street they are such a unit...The Big Man is such a part of that my heart aches for them all I know this is Gonna Be a long walk home But with the love and strentgh of his family I know You can come through.. WE love You Big Man...

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