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September 30, 2011


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Friday Bruce Fix

Hi Dave. His nephew Jake Clemons just happens to be a sax player. Certainly some have suggested he step in to replace Clarence. It's a nice thought that Jake could be able to fill those big shoes, but it just seems like too much to expect of anyone. Even if Jake is up to the task, I wonder if he'd want to, or maybe he'd rather focus on his own career. He certainly does seem to have musical talents beyond playing sax.

Dave Granton

Does Clarence have any children who are musicians?

Friday Bruce Fix

Interesting idea, Dan. We'd all sure feel the void, Clarence's empty spot on stage, no sax solo... I have a feeling people would start singing the sax solo. Could be a powerful, unifying sort of experience.


I would bring in a horn section to fill in for Clarence (rather than a new saxophonist), but during Jungleland, I think it would be best if they just played the song without the sax at all. The solo would just be the background drums/piano, and everyone could hear the sax inside themselves (or sing it, even).

Friday Bruce Fix

Thanks, Swordnsorcery. I didn't realize Queen used a video, but I'm glad to hear that they do and that it works so well. The Miami Horns would be nice but as you point out that may not work out.


I agree. It's worked for Queen. When they do "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", a video compilation plays on screens at the back of the stage, showing Freddie. It always brings the house down.

A small horn section would seem to be a good solution too. I'd have suggested the Miami Horns at one time, but half of them seem to have migrated to Los Angeles now. If there's one thing that Jersey isn't lacking in, though, it's musicians.

Friday Bruce Fix

Obviously, you are a great man, Ed! Actually, you're helping to prove a theory I've heard that when one person thinks they've got a great idea, there are usually several others somewhere out there with the same idea. I imagine you and I are not the only ones who think this would be a good idea.


Funny, I've been thinking along exactly the same lines, both about the video and the horn section.

Friday Bruce Fix

Very well said, Crank (Do you prefer Mr. Crank? :) Addressing you as Crank seems somehow disrespectful.) I think you're saying that the video concept would only work for Jungleland and I agree. I also think it should only be done on this tour, a chance for everyone to say goodbye, and then Jungleland should be retired.


Most of this is what I've been thinking, besides the video clip - go on with the rest of the band, bring in a larger horn section because nobody can fill Clarence's shoes, and there are some songs you just can't do without him, like Rosalita.

I could see for the next tour the video appearance working for Jungleland, where he has (present tense) a single extended solo. That would undoubtedly be a powerful cathartic moment for all the fans who will want to pay some tribute and farewell to the Big Man the next time they see Bruce.

Friday Bruce Fix

Thanks, Jbones72. I like your thought about leaving C's spot unoccupied, both out of respect, and in support of the idea that he can't be replaced. I meant to say something in my post about Clarence being so big that it takes 4 to replace him. Bruce could use that line or something like it in his intro. Hard to say about the video. It won't be easy to make it work, but hopefully with the right solo, mixed in at the right level, maybe it would work. Mostly, I just can't think of anything else that feels right.

Friday Bruce Fix

Thanks Alison. I do have trouble with any of the other options I've considered. There are probably others I haven't thought of, and perhaps one of those will be the best answer. Can't wait to hear what they decide!


It's a great idea, anything else is unthinkable!


Not sure the video would work, but like the idea. Also great thought about having horn section instead of new sax player. Bruce should just leave C's spot unoccupied & introduce him as normally did, like Dannny.

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