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October 07, 2011


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Thanks, Stephen. You're absolutely right. It is amazing to watch performances of both of those songs where they are completely new to the audience, and to see how much the audience gets into the songs. It's a great test of a song, to play it for 20,000 people hearing it for the first time. I recall hearing Land of Hope and Dreams for the first time on that Reunion Tour and being blown away by how great that song is, and how obvious its greatness is on hearing it for the first time. I also love that clip from the No Nukes video. I think Bonnie said something like "too bad his name isn't Melvin".

Stephen Martin

I believe this version of The River is from No Nukes Concert - as Springsteen took the stage, the No Nukes video shows other established musicians like Bonnie Raitt surprised at how loud the "Bruce" calls were. It is great for someone like me who has only been to one Bruce concert to watch a song that the audience has not heard before - strange and pure to hear no applause when the song starts. Like Land of Hope and Dreams on the LIVE NYC Concert DVD, by the end the audience obviously approves (understatement).

Friday Bruce Fix

Hey Dave. My apologies to your boss for your drop in productivity last week. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your comment!


Okay --- so I goofed off and watch the whole thing with one eye here at work.
I thought it put together a good narrative of the flow of these albums --- there's some British guy yapping who didn't need to be in it. But all in all, quite good.

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