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November 04, 2011


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So last Friday night I spent the evening searching youtube for all kinds of Fade Away versions --- this one from Stockholm last year is great - and I think one the rare story intro's he did on the last tour (at least the shows I saw): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6a9QUBTjUk --- and you really get the feel of it being blue eyed soul live rather than the studio version - and he seems to stretch and pull the phrase along differently live than the studio version to avoid the chunkiness. Here too from 1980: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3LfdRQ9iEA&feature=related


Hi Dave.
Sorry for my tardy reply. Thanks for your comments and for inspiring me to listen to the whole River album twice that day.
I think I got so caught up in enjoying it that I didn't really mind the chunkiness you mentioned. Bruce is renowned for his phrasing, but maybe he traded some of that off for just saying what he wanted to say, and maybe jamming in a few more words than the space provided for by the music. In that part, he also seems to be speaking a little more than singing, so maybe that is part of it, too.


It's during the lyrics of "the days when you and I walked as two..." right around there.


Ever since you posted that long doc on the Darkness, River and Nebraska --- I don't think I've taken The River out of my card player. Been a long time since I listened to it -- it's always a coin flip but the song writing on that is way over looked. Always hard to say which is his best work.
I think the Fade Away 45 was the first Bruce record I bought. And something that's always troubled me about that recording - and you can hear it parts of that live clip too - is that the lyrics don't always seem to keep pace with the song. Not just for effect - but actually sound a little clunky sometimes. Is that just me? I know I am not a musician - but something seems out of rhythm.

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