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September 21, 2012


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Hey Doc.

Getting caught up on comments today. Sorry for the delay. Just too busy with other stuff, I guess.

Thanks for your comment and kind words. I always love hearing from people with connections to Bruce and other E Streeters. Interesting to hear that Vinnie didn't like being called Mad Dog. I guess I wouldn't like it either!

Lloyd M. (Doc) Lewis

Hey Rick, this website is great! You do a fantastic job. I found the site while searching Vinnie's caddying. I caddied with him at Hollywood Golf Course in the early 90's. What a great guy, but I found out early that he didn't like being called maddog.Doc


Hey Doc.

Thanks for the comment. I think you're right about the Indians being Bruce's little league team. It seems to me he explained that on the VH1 Storytellers program.

LLoyd Lewis

The posters of this website are masmen drummers bummers and indians in the summers and a teenage diplomate (something like that). I think the indians were bruce's little league team. Continue the great work! Doc

Doc at lml@comcast.net


Hi Maija.

Thanks for your comment and kind words! Much appreciated! How lucky you were to be at such an historic show and to be so close to Bruce. That pre-show acoustic set certainly did seem incredible. The fact Bruce would even do that tells you so much about how he feels about his fans.

Glad you enjoy this site and thanks again for your comment!


First, thanks for the website: it's great :). I was on the front row in Helsinki, 10 metres away from Bruce. The concert was amazing, and the acoustic pre-show...incredible...

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